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While Tena Brown continues to "See Without a Sky" on her quest to Lobby for "The New Generation of Young People" opening new possibilities for there Vision. Take this joyous Ride with Her and Sign our GUESTBOOK if you would like to see "Tena" become "THE AMBASSODOR FOR THE NEW GENERTION OF YOUNG PEOPLE."

Headquarters: Metro Atlanta, GA


The "T" Table Omni Youth Awards Mission

The Table Inc/TTT Foundation and the Omni Music and Acting Youth Awards is partnering to have an annual Award Show in Atlanta for our Youth. The Omni Music and Actors Youth Awards founder Marlene Dove in 2012 had its 9th annual youth award show in Los Angeles California and is quite aware just how the award shows operate and will be a great partner in this venture


Our Objective is to Bring Scholarship Nominees to Atlanta for an awards show, to allow them to live out their dreams for a few minutes on stage before they receive their Set a Good Example Look Beyond What Your Eyes Can See Scholarship and actually follow their dreams.


These students will have a wonderful week in Atlanta going to workshops, touring historical Atlanta, guest speakers, picnics, parties and more before they showcase their dreams on stage.

We want these kids to leave knowing how to Look Beyond What Their Eyes Can See as They See Without a Sky.

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