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While Tena Brown continues to "See Without a Sky" on her quest to Lobby for "The New Generation of Young People" opening new possibilities for there Vision. Take this joyous Ride with Her and Sign our GUESTBOOK if you would like to see "Tena" become "THE AMBASSODOR FOR THE NEW GENERTION OF YOUNG PEOPLE."

Headquarters: Metro Atlanta, GA

@ The 'T' Table Omni Youth Awards

  1. The Table Inc./TTT Foundation and the Omni Music and Acting Youth Awards is partnering to have an annual Awards Show in Atlanta for our Youth
  2. Omni Music and Actors Youth Awards founder Marlene Dove in 2012 had its 9th annual youth awards show in Los Angeles California.
  3. While living in California Tena has worked with Ms. Dove on the Omni Music and Youth Awards and have expressed a desire to continue working together to continue teaching and rewarding our youth that Set Good Examples
  4. Founder Ms. Dove will franchise a portion of the Omni Music and Acting Youth Awards to The T Table/TTT Foundation to develop “The ‘T’ Table Omni Youth Awards”
  5. Having over seven years of experience The T Table/TTT Foundation will maintain complete control over the Newly Developed Awards Show and because the “Omni Music and Acting Youth Awards has ten plus years’ experience with awards shows Ms Dove will be the supervising manager of the show
  6. The T Table/TTT Foundation feels this will make Atlanta the place to be for one of the biggest, well run and brightest growing awards shows in the country
  7. We all know working with our youth is a great adventure in itself and is filled with various mountains of ups and downs. The T Table/TTT Foundation is truly up for the Challenge

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