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While Tena Brown continues to "See Without a Sky" on her quest to Lobby for "The New Generation of Young People" opening new possibilities for there Vision. Take this joyous Ride with Her and Sign our GUESTBOOK if you would like to see "Tena" become "THE AMBASSODOR FOR THE NEW GENERTION OF YOUNG PEOPLE."

Headquarters: Metro Atlanta, GA

Monthly Per Diem for Scholarships

  1.      All College Students that receives a Scholarship from anywhere to any College for

         participating in a high Performance Activity should receive a “$50 per week Per

         Diem” as part of or in addition to helping students with extracurricular activities

         outside to school during their off time.

  2.       We are not asking for this Per Diem to totally take care of students and give them large gifts this Per Diem is to help all students go through College with a great Gift and still feel a self-worth because they parents cannot afford to give them any spending money and they can’t work to get it on their own because of practice.

3.      Most Athletes and other students that participate in High Performance Activities cannot get jobs because of the very long and daily practice schedule. If a College student comes from a poor or low income family they cannot afford simple things like a new pair a sneakers or a movie date.

4.      "@ The 'T' Table" would like to see each and every student going into college with this kind of schedule to be rewarded with this “$50 per week Per Diem”

a.       To help their families to not create a hardship for themselves by trying to take care of the needs of their college children because these children are told they cannot get full, or part time jobs because of practice.

b.      They make the school a great deal of money and should be rewarded in some capacity for it without being penalized for it.

c.       Gives the students a self-worth will in school to help them to understand “Great task never goes unrewarded or unnoticed.”

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