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THE "T" TABLE INC.   *T* curvz Islands 

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While Tena Brown continues to "See Without a Sky" on her quest to Lobby for "The New Generation of Young People" opening new possibilities for there Vision. Take this joyous Ride with Her and Sign our GUESTBOOK if you would like to see "Tena" become "THE AMBASSODOR FOR THE NEW GENERTION OF YOUNG PEOPLE."

Headquarters: Metro Atlanta, GA


C-Fro-Pic, E-Fro-Pic, A-Fro-Pic,

People: Called-In, Emailed-In, Audience Ask Q&A that came from Florida, Georgia, California, Canada, England and around the world.

          Here are s few Q&A:                         

                  Do you Wear Uniforms?

                  How do you Eat Lunch?

                  Do you have Riots?

                  Do you have to have Clear Book Bags like us?

                  How do you Take P.E.?

                  Can a Grand Parent Home School?

                  Does a Parent have to have a College Degree to Home School?

                  What about School Skills?


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